When’s The Best Time Of Year To Ship A Car For The Best Cost?

Shipping a car can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know when the right time to do it is. If you can wait, and your concern is cost, then there’s a season when the car shipping industry is slow, so you can get low car shipping quotes without compromise on service quality. Wondering which season? Well, it’s:

Autumn – Hands Down:

Yes, autumn is the best season if you want to get the best of both – cost and delivery time. The cost to ship a car goes way down during this season mainly because there’s low demand. So even the most professional car transport companies decrease their prices to keep the influx of orders going.

Furthermore, since the demand is low, carriers will be fast in picking up your vehicle from your location and hitting the road. Plus, there will be fewer car haulers on the roads, so those that are there will move faster. This will decrease overall delivery times.

Why There’s Low Demand in Autumn?

Well, it’s the best time of the year to ship a car for the best cost because people are busy with their lives. The vacations are over, students are back to college/universities, job persons are back to the office, snowbirds are back to their homes, and only those relocating are getting car transport service.

So a big user-base of auto shipping services is busy with their lives resulting in a drop in the demand. And to keep the business coming in, car shipping service providers reduce the prices.

So Then When’s the Car Transport Cost High?

This is typical during the start and mid of winters and summers. When autumn is over, the winter starts taking over, and holidays start getting closer. Let’s see what happens during these seasons:


People who cannot bear the cold of winter move to warmer regions. They’re called snowbirds. So they take their vehicles with them. Mostly, these are elderly people, so they cannot drive long distances themselves when the roads are slippery due to snow, so they opt for auto transport service.

Furthermore, many visit their loved ones across the state or country and have their cars shipped there. So both of these things increase the car shipping cost during the winter season.


As for the summers, when the season starts, snowbirds move back to their homes and require car transport service to take their cars back. This means an increase in demand. And this demand stays high till the summer vacations because once the snowbirds are home, people go out to enjoy vacations, going across the country to different cities and getting their cars shipped there. This also increases the demand.

Moreover, college students get off due to vacations, so they go to their homes, getting their vehicles shipped there, which also increases the demand.

Parting Words:

At the end of summer, people go back to their homes from vacations and students back to their colleges. This increases the demand once again, which then settles down typically at the mid of august.

So the gist is, you can get better prices and delivery times if you get the car shipped in the Autumn season.

However, this does mean you get overcharged in other seasons. Due to the increase of orders, companies need to work overtime and employ more carriers to make deliveries, resulting in increased prices. So the cost is justified for every season.

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