The most effective method to Choose a Good IVF Clinic

Visiting a fertility clinic for the first time can be a daunting experience. You have just come to terms with the fact that having a baby may be more difficult than you initially thought and now you have to find the right team of people to help you successfully become pregnant. best fertility doctor in dubai With so many fertility clinics offering their services, how do you know which one to choose? Often a doctor or gynaecologist will provide a recommendation or referral to you. This is a great place to start however I would advise that you research all your options before making your final choice. Choosing the right team of people to help you get pregnant is one of the most important decisions you will make and therefore spending time evaluating several fertility clinics is always worthwhile.

So what do you need to know? Like any major decision in life you should look at the decision making process from all aspects. For example, when buying a house, you may look the house layout, how many bedrooms, size of the garden as well as who the neighbours are, the proximity to shops and even links to main roads. This approach should also be applied to the major decision of choosing a fertility clinic. My advice is to look at five key areas: the history of the clinic, the success rate, best ivf clinic in dubai types of treatment, cost of treatment and service. Many people make the mistake of focusing on only one aspect.

Sure, rank tables will provide a great insight into a clinic’s track record and personal recommendations are always valuable. However, is it the right clinic for you as a couple? We are all different people in different situations and what suits one couple may not suit another. There are key questions which will help narrow down your choice. You may choose to ask them over the telephone or wait until the initial consultation to ask them face to face. Either way, you will have a clearer idea of how to make a decision and progress to choosing the right clinic. These questions will help you make a logical, informed choice rather than a desperate decision based on emotions at a time when you are most vulnerable.

Good Luck!

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