Quick Overview of a Facebook Business Page

Not only is Facebook the leading social networking site, it is also available in a variety of different languages. In fact there are over 70 languages, to be more precise, with members across the globe. Facebook has become a worldwide phenomenon in social networking. This may be particularly beneficial to those who already have or for those who are thinking about setting up a Facebook business page.

Social media is now used by many businesses, both big and small as a way in which to promote and advertise. Social networking sites have become a fast growing source in the use of social media marketing. Many celebrities are even turning to social network sites in order to promote new songs, tour dates and merchandise.

Profiles on Facebook are easily set up. The user can decide if they want to use their personal name or business name when setting up a business Facebook profile. Some already have a personal profile. In this case they can opt to just create a Facebook business page on a personal account, or start a business-focused profile.

Should you decide to choose the latter, then, it may be more beneficial to upload a company logo to use as a profile picture. This way any potential customers will know that they have found a business Facebook page.

Facebook businesses pages come with both advantages and disadvantages. The creation of a business page is free, whilst there is a charge for advertising. In saying this, Facebook is one of the most cost effective ways to use social media. Facebook Business Page Scraper is of particular help to small and new businesses, who have a low budget.

Although posting regular updates can be time consuming, a Facebook account allows posts to be written in advance. The option to post with a minimum of 10-minute intervals is available by clicking the clock icon.

A major advantage of having a Facebook business page is that you can link to other social networks and websites. Videos of products as well as photographs can also be uploaded to accompany a posted description.

Probably the biggest disadvantage of a Facebook business page is that, despite promoting a post, there is not always a guarantee that it will become the highest post within a newsfeed.

Whichever way you choose to promote your business Facebook account, there will always be a large social audience just a click away. The audience and social following build up will appear through people liking your page and in many cases sharing it amongst their own social contacts.

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