Can I Ship Items In My Car When Going From The USA To Canada?

If you’re moving across the border and have a lot of baggage with you, you may wonder if it’s possible to save a few bucks on moving services and just ship them with your car. And it’s a smart move, to be honest. However, you first need to know if it’s even possible to do so or not. Read this guide to find out.

So Can You Ship Personal Belongings Inside the Car When Shipping From US to Canada?

This is a tricky question because it’s cross-border shipping so the 100lbs rule doesn’t apply here. If you don’t know, the 100lbs rule is that the car transport companies allow their customers to ship up to 100lbs of personal belongs along with the car when shipping within the U.S.

But this is across the border shipping, so rules are not that simple. And the sure-shot answer will be no; you cannot ship personal items when shipping a car to Canada. However, this applies to regular shipping, where your vehicle is adjusted with several others on a hauler or via the Ro-Ro method.

Shipping Via Ro-Ro Method:

Roll-on/Roll-off is known as the Ro-Ro method and the cost to ship a car with this is typically lower. Unlike container shipping, you don’t have to pay any charges for loading and unloading the container using a crane.

With the Ro-Ro method, the car is driven to the parking area of a ship and left there. Once the ship reaches the destination port in Canada, the car is driven off from the ship and onto a secured facility for customs clearance. However, if you ship a car using the Ro-Ro method, you will not be able to ship any personal items with it.

Container Auto Shipping – Only Way to Ship Your Belongings to Canada:

If you can afford to arrange a container to ship your vehicle to Canada, then you can ship as many belongings as the container can possibly fit inside along with your vehicle. This means you’ll save the cost you would’ve paid to movers to transport those items to Canada. However, container shipping is expensive than the Ro-Ro transport method.

You can place your personal items on a pallet and lad them safely and separately inside the container. We offer both Ro-Ro and container shipping. So feel free to call us and get a free quotation for both. You can then decide which one to go for.

Get Consolidation to Save More:

If you don’t want to arrange the full container and don’t have a lot of stuff to ship with the car, then go for consolidation in a 40’ container. Here, you and another client of the car transport company will pay for the container so its price will be equally divided among you both.

However, you will have half of the container available to load your vehicle and some personal items along with it. So if you don’t have to move a lot of stuff but still need some things, you can go for the consolidation route and save some bucks.

Parting Words:

Shipping your car via a container is the only possible way to safely and legally get your personal items across the border. Depending on the size and weight of your personal items, you’ll have to decide whether to get the whole container or consolidation.

The consolidation method will reduce the cost to half, but space will also be limited to half of the container. You can give us a call now and get guidance based on the items you need to move along with the car; we can help you make a better decision.

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